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          Sean St-John Co-Founding Partner 

Tell us about your family history, where you are coming from? I was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario. My mom is an Irish immigrant and my dad is Canadian, French settlers
and First Nations ancestry. I am the oldest of two siblings and we grew up in a hockey rink. My sister playing ringette and me, hockey. Sports were a big part of my family and given my dad’s strong Canadian roots, vacations were all about seeing Canada.

Tell us about a struggle you once went through and how you managed to rise above it? I am a cancer survivor. I was in my mid twenties when I got testicular cancer. It was the first major struggle of my life. My greatest take away was that, you do not know how strong you are until you have to be. I used visualization and self-affirmation…. “you got this”, was my mantra.


What inspires you in life? I am inspired by the energy of individuals who pushed the limits – individuals who came from nothing or overcame adversity to be the best. The life story of Muhammed Ali has been a great source of influence in my life. He was resilient, selfless, courageous and throughout his whole life, stood strong in his values.

What is your moto in life?
With purpose and determination, turn every challenge to an opportunity and make a difference.


Why create the Social Impact Film and Art Festival? Everyone has a story. The world is shaped by stories. Artists, film makers, non-for-profits long to tell their
story. I wanted to help build a platform that recognized storytellers and promoters of change who are focused on creating awareness and making a positive impact on social issues around the world. SIFA Festival will share those stories.





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